High-Low (The Lost Groove)

Story Behind The Song

"HIGH-LOW (The Lost Groove)" is a CHALLENGE to the 'Rappers'. Especially your 'hardcore gangsta rappers'. The rappers who are all 'tough image', but no substance; who claim they have a 'flow', but lack the imagination to properly, and effectively 'rhym

Song Description

Taking your basic 'rapper' to task for their 'limited worldview'.

Song Length 3:13 Genre Rap - Progressive, R & B - Funk
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Diplomatic, Relaxed Subject Philosophy, Encouragement
Similar Artists Afrika Bambaataa, George Clinton Language English
Era 2000 and later


Here's a groove from another time and another place
We can call, "Outer Space"--
Let me Funk Your Mind
Just like the Angel who says,
"Have no Fear,
For The End is Near!"
She swigs a Beer
And turns around to show you Her Rear
And says, "See what I tell ya'? So there!"
Hear, Hear!! (hey!!)

Just like the Rapper who tries to Flow
He opnes his mouth, but he just don't Know
About the outside world, so on the Block he will Sit
High on weed and Low on Wit. (2X)
How can you be so High
When you're feeling Low
When you shut off The Faucet
It stops your Flow! (2X)

I didn't say My Name?!
Well, it's not about Fame
Or some Hardcore Game
Or to place the Blame
Of your living Shame on my veteran sound
Which is 'New' to You all the Same
Now, here's a groove from another Time and another Place
That we can call, "Inter-Space"--
Where you find The Rhyme! (come on!)

Now dig:
I didn't curse, I didn't Swear
But you.......
You probably wouldn't even Care
If I broke down and said something like:
"May I Frighten YOU
Into Doin' What You'd Want To DO?!"
(Get ready---)
"To The Bridge, Ygor!!"
And, here we go----OH!!

--Lawrence Wise
(c)2002 Cosmic Funk Music, Ltd.
--All Rights Reserved--

Lyrics Lawrence Wise Music Lawrence Wise
Producer Lawrence Wise Publisher (c)2002, (c)2006 Cosmic Funk Music, Ltd.
Performance Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra Label Starcase Rec. Co., Ltd.
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