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Song Length 3:28 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artists Kendrick Lamar, J Cole Era 2000 and later



Fly as hell
I can tell
Sow the see
I drew the well
The waters come
I know it well
Oh brother it's different

Gotta see
To make believe
This will be
The jump I need
I'm at the door
But need the keys
I don't think that y'all listen

I'm bout to get on mission
Try to feel it
I know it's a lot to deal with
How to master feelings
Try breathing
I see you need a lot of healing
I see the tables turning
Vibe shifting
I had to check out how I was living
See I Lost my focus
On my tunnel vision
Had to weed through haters
Wasn't vibing with them
I was working with head down
All the way around
How does that really sound
Got me fighting
Go round for round
Waiting on timing
Go do it now
It's not up to par
Man go put it out
See you filled with your doubts
So you watch your mouth
Keeping it quiet
Will change your route
Those that went though
Know what I'm talking bout
It's a long road
Gotta make sure the tool close
On a build
That I need most
On a new boat
But the water are deep tho
I got faith I won't sink tho
It's a pass/fail
I won't fall
But I need sails
Downing in pain
Blocked the details
I'm on a path I can see well
Don't wanna fall
So I prevail

Vibing on this wave
I don't wanna fall
Don't get up in my way
Haters not at all
Free to move
Get down
Just like all of y'all
This gone be the day
This gone be the day

Miss me
I don't think that you get me
Making moves with my enemies
That were friend to me
Time showing all even kin you see
Had to open my eyes
No more counting Zs
I was stuck on dreaming
No reality
Till I got a lil clue
Then I mastered peace
And now all I do
Is rap till I can't rap no more
That's factual
Down to the bone
That's fracture
Wave flag
That's capture
I'm after
My seat
That's high key
Lowkey I'm after
All the rappers
That think I'm weak
Check this chapter
I'm on a whole different mission
Come kick it
See all the chatter
This is the talk of the town now
Got my flow in all directions
Make it like surround sound
Look what I found
Treasures treasure from deep
What could it be
Painting the picture
For you all to see
Being this different should come with a manual
But with some time
Don't forget grind
You'll see the fruit from the seeds
Fighting this often
Has me locked in
I gonna rap till they put me in coffin
Even then they can't solve it
Leave a legacy and then
You'll get bossed in
Took this lil moment of talking
To show how I'm really walking
Dead on the target
I feel like a marksman

Vibing on this wave
I don't wanna fall
Don't get up in my way
Haters not at all
Free to move
Get down
Just like all of y'all
This gone be the day
This gone be the day

Lyrics Jordan McClanahan Music Jordan McClanahan
Producer Clutch Royal Publisher Writer's Corner
Performance Clutch Royal Label Royal Records

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