Story Behind The Song

Greg and I were talking about these young guys going to Bars and Clubs chatting up women and getting blown out .

Song Description

Fresh is about a typical boys night out in the UK.

Song Length 3:59 Genre Rap - General, Electronic - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Cheerful, Sociable Subject Fools, Party
Similar Artists George Duke, George Benson Language English
Era 2000 and later

The song is a stand alone, unique in its own nature. A mixture of funk, rap, pop, RnB and Jazz. This would be fusion if I had to give it a new category. Nice arrangement on the instruments and good vibe energy. Reminds me of a house party scene and college environment. Overall good song, the sounds used could be brought out or more modernized for the Rap category. This reminds me of a Donald Newkirk or The Gorillaz.

Loving the scratching in the hook. Some nice alternative hip hop. This song has potential to be heard via film or tv. It's not a mainstream rap song, but has its place. Not bad lyrics. Got a lil disinterested at times though. Just being honest...the lyrics are cool but need work.

I like it its different

Energetic...makes you wanna move.

- Cool fills in there with the trumpet and guitar and strings

I love this song. Very original. Love the Jazz infusion. This is what hip hop should be.

Nice sounding track! Cool groovy rap style mon. Nice mix of instruments with the scratching, guitar and little synth theme and then when someone started blowing sax I was surprised and impressed! Nice clear production, good effects used and the arrangement is not overdone, good space and groove. Good freestyle vocals. The mix is good, there's definitely talent going on here!!

Lyrics Greg Allen Music Cec Cain / Hangman on Decks / Andy Kennedy on Sax
Producer Cec Cain Publisher Cec Cain
Performance Greg Allen Lead vocal / Cec Cain/ Hangman/ Kim Thomas Label CG Productions
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Cec Cain lets go 7/12/2014
Cec Cain My Top Songs 7/12/2014

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