Cannot Love You (new version)

Song Description

A Russian woman longs for a lover, one whom she could not have.

Song Length 3:08 Genre World - European


Russkaya Zima (Ne Mogu Tebya Lyubit)

Esho ne zanyalsya rassvet
Esho ne pozdno pozabit
Ti nenavidel slovo net
Ya ne mogu tebya lyubit

Lyubov kholodnaya reka
Vospominanya na snegu
Maneesh menya izdaleka
Tebya lyubit ya ne mogu

Bessmislenniy vitok sud'bi
Smog dveri smerti priotkrit
Mne v zhizni nuzhen tolko ti
Ya ne mogu tebya lyubit

Russian Winter (Cannot Love You)

The dawn hasn't yet come
It's not too late to forget
You hated the word "no"
I cannot love you

Love is a cold river
Memories in the snow
You are calling me from afar
I cannot love you

A meaningless twist of fate
Was able to crack open death's doors
You are the only one I need in life
I cannot love you

Great guitar hook. Simple but memorable chorus. The vocal arrangement complements the guitar arrangement very well. Good vocal performance, and nice harmony work. Nice steady tempo. Really did like this song.

Lyrics A. Shaitarova Music D. Wolfe, Kelly Ralston
Producer D. Wolfe, K.Ralston, A. Shaitarova Publisher D. Wolfe, K.Ralston, A. Shaitarova
Performance D. Wolfe, K.Ralston, A. Shaitarova
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