Michelle's Song

Story Behind The Song

Song written by a father after a late-night call to his grown daughter.

Song Description

Father singing to daughter. Not immediately apparent who he's singing to.

Song Length 3:48 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving, Endearing Subject Daughter, Love for Child
Similar Artists James Taylor, Kenny Rogers Language English
Era 2000 and later


I called you up late last night just to see if you're OK
When your sweet voice came on the line I didn't know what I should say
I asked how you were doin' . . . you said that you were fine
I laughed and said some silly thing, but you were quiet on the line
I asked about your husband . . . you said, "He works 'til two."
I said something 'bout how he works so hard and takes real good care of you
Then I said, "Well I's just callin' . . . I really ought to get to bed."
But as soon as I hung up I knew . . . just what I should have said.

I didn't mean to hurt you . . . when the bad became the worse
I didn't mean to leave you . . . girl you've always been my first
I didn't mean to make you cry and question why such pain came to your world
I didn't mean to break your heart . . . 'cause Daddy loves his Baby Girl

A million mem'ries filled my heart and chased my dreams away
I remembered all the songs we sang and all the games we used to play
All the questions that I answered . . . all the tears I had to dry
You made me proud when you succeeded
You made me proud when you just tried
I know I've made some choices . . . and they've been hard for you to take
But I'd rather let the truth be known than try to live with a mistake
And I wrote this song to tell you . . . I'm tryin' to be a better man
And Baby, I still love you . . . and I hope you'll understand.

To Chorus

Lyrics Bob Villa Music Bob Villa
Producer Bob & Penny Villa Publisher Desert Man Music
Performance Bob Villa Label Independent

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