Gold Digger

Story Behind The Song

Woman I met at the Mercury Bar (now Pravda) in Boston one night.

Song Description

A woman who wants the money but not the man.

Song Length 3:47 Genre Rock - Punk
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Irate Subject Anger
Similar Artists The Who Language English
Era 1970 - 1979



She lives in debt, with dollar signs,
her eyes see green all of the time,
just wear a suit, she's close behind,
not many friends, the profit's fine,
She haunts the mating bars at night,
to ride the coaster, see the sights,
don't need to work, her cards suffice,
just find a man who'll pay the price;

She's a, golddigger,
she needs the money you'll provide,
she's a, golddigger, you'll find;
she's a golddigger,
she doesn't want to waste her time,
she's a golddigger, all the time;

She dresses cute, cause she can see,
Sex can hide integrity,
A pretty face has a cost, you'll see, in a
benefactor worth more than she,
her only goal is to live elite,
to taste the fruit and pray its sweet,
to bring her friends down to her feet,
only then will she be complete;

I see her now, she's all alone,
across the room upon her throne,
the bait she holds can trap your soul,
a drink or two and you've lost control,
she'll smile now, but she is the joker,
she'll dig a trench, propped upon your sofa,
just hide your hand, cause she's good at poker,
buy her a ring, and you'll never know her;

Copyright 2006

Lyrics Stephen Anthony (Gomes) Music Stephen Anthony / Shaun Sullivan
Producer Anthony Blue Performance Stephen Anthony / Shaun Sullivan / John Coretto / Aaron Pearsall
Label Pedro Productions

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