mama{a mothers love}

Story Behind The Song

i had just gotten off the phone with my mother{in jail again}and all i could hear in my heart were my mothers words of her praying that i would trust god and that i would have enough to eat and be warm

Song Description

i felt in my heart what i had put my poor mother through for so many years

Song Length 3:00 Genre Country - Religious, Country - Traditional
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving, Endearing Subject Sadness, Regret
Similar Artists Alan Jackson, The Eagles Language English


she watched through sad and tear filled eyes
all the pain that he'd gone through
she watched people lagh and criticize
and ther was nothing she could do
she watched as his own family
turned their backs and walked away
but through it all she loved him endlessly
and each night dear lord she'd pray
give him bread when he gets hungry
give him warmth when he gets cold
give him love when he gets angry
before he gets to old
give him hope where there is none
give him faith deep in his soul
father let him know he's your son
before he gets to old
{instrumental bridge}
now ther are tears that only mothers shed
that nobody else can see
how many nights she cried and begged
dear lord why can't it be me
she always prayed and beleived
theres still room at the cross for one
father before he gets to old
let him know that he's your son
{chorus again}

Lyrics tommy botz Music tommy botz
Producer tommy botz Performance tommy botz band

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