Singer songwriter composer based in Paris , France,
Marten is in constant movement across the European musical
From his ground breaking “Afro-Pop” records with master drummer
Tony Allen in the 80’s to the “Acid Swing” retro-Cool
with Parisien “ZIPsters” Mike Zwerin and Paul Breslin
Marten has traced his singular groove in around and through many
musical movements...
Performing with many International Artists has imbibed Marten with
love and respect for the vitality and spotenaity that comes from
playing music “LIVE” and the magic of that special connection
between “players” and “listeners”, that fine communion
where feelings speak and emotions transform into movement
From this rich diet of musical sources, cultures.expressions and
styles, Marten has aquired a large and omnivorous appetite...

Marten Ingle Biography

Born in California
Lived in Venice Beach
Moves between LA and Paris, France
Marten is currently writing, singing, playing, recording, producing music with a great variety of International Artists:

Percy Sledge, Tony Allen, Ray Lema, Gabrielle Lazure, Yasuaki Shimizu, Yuma Sumac, Elliot Murphy, Gary Christian, ZIP, Louis Bertignac, Jean Louis Aubert, Patrick Verbeke, Gabriella Arnon, DeRosa,Mellisa James, Paul Breslin, Wajabak, Prise de Beck, and the Jim Murple Memorial, Triplebuzz and the Marten Ingle Band
He lives in the Paris suburbs with Thanh, Neil, and two rabbits

  • Member Since: 2004
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