Seeking Jazz And Smooth Jazz Vocal/Instrumental Music

ID: FT09231D    Posted September 18, 2023
Looking for: We want well-composed Jazz and Smooth Jazz vocals and instrumentals that have solid musicianship and a great vibe. Your productions should sound like real humans playing real instruments, even if you're using virtual instrumentation. Anything that sounds synthetic, obviously quantized, or obviously MIDI-driven won't work for this.

Project Details

  • If Songs Selected: Any music selected will be entered into our online database. We will represent selected music to clients for any appropriate opportunities. We offer a non-exclusive contract.
  • If Songs Placed: We split all profits with the composer, meaning the composer will receive 50% of any licenses obtained and will also receive 100% of the writer's share.
  • Sound Qualities Accepted: Demo, Broadcast Quality
  • Instrumentals Accepted: Yes
  • Explicit Lyrics Accepted: No
  • Deal Type: Non-Exclusive
  • Expected Decision Date: 11/15/2023
  • Provider: Library
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