A British musician/vocalist & producer, Wotlie makes "glitchpop", electro glitches mixed up with pop punk funk rock and alternative.
In 2006 he released his solo produced debut EVERYONESADEEJAY. The CD sold out it's limited run on the back of a strong club DJ support & radio rotation. Title track was used in TV commercial for a Japanese department store chain, EST. Currently Wotlie sings and plays guitar with infamous Tokyo heavy rock band, The Dirty T's. Meanwhile, his list of production/musician credits continues to grow, Japanese artists at Sony Music Publishing, remixes on Delicious Garden Records (Germany)) have received Wotlie treatment... Recently his songs appeared in several Konami video games/respective TV commercials in Japan, most notably Winning Eleven 2008/09.. His music has appeared on NBC shows "Life" and "Heroes", ABC show "Everwood" and two songs are set to appear in forthcoming movie "Welcome to Academia".

my bio

Hello, my name is wotlie.

?From electronica to rock n roll, from the blues to the dancefloor, from punk to funk, Wotlie mixes and mashes genres to create a surprisingly fresh collage of sound.?

A British musician/dj/producer, Wotlie makes his unique brand of punkfunkrocknrolltronica in Tokyo, Japan. Demand for his vocal, musical and dj talents have seen him fly to the four corners of the world. On a break from his hectic schedule as a session musician and event promoter, EVERYONESADEEJAY was born, a record inspired by the iPod.
As Wotlie says himself: ? These days the music fan carries a huge amount of music around with them on their mp3 player?.it?s like everybody carries around the world?s biggest ever record box in their pocket? it?s like everyones is a dj?people mix the soundtrack to their lives?imagine your iPod on random? that is what I wanted this record to sound like, house to rock to funk to whatever, but at the same time keeping my sound and signature.?

Written, performed and produced by Wotlie, the CD sold out it?s limited run on the back of a growing fan-base and strong DJ support (the title track still making several big-name Japanese club Djs charts), radio rotation (on Japanese stations LOVE FM, FM AICHI, TOYAMA FM, KYUSHU KOKUSAI FM NATIONAL RADIO, FM NAGASAKI). Sales were boosted thru the appearance of the title track of the album in a TV commercial for a Japanese department store chain, EST (the song was also used for the in-store campaign). Huge internet interest helped get the word out (the promo release was downloaded 5000-odd times). His monthly sexy uplifting rocking house music club night ?Hi-Fi? continues to regularly draw crowds of 200+, and demand is booming as far a field as Europe, Singapore and Thailand for his eclectic punkfunkrocknrolltronica live performances. His list of production credits continues to grow, most recently with the debut release by Japanese indy diva Hanzawa Tomoko on BEAMS RECORDS.


?Wotlie. Style, humour, the wit that?s needed to be a really massive pop star, Wotlie has all this in spades.?



What a pleasure to check out your songs! Your arrangements are exhilarating, great idea to combine electronica with punk. Strong catchy melodic gems. What a blast!
Electronica with a Strokes/punk vibe thrown in for good measure
Very cool vibe I love the Jungle loops combined with the more punk feeling guitar riff.
This is really cool! I love the blues harmonica and is that Erhu? as the guitar substitute? Great down & dirty vibe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very cool tunes

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Chris, excellent writing here - I love the energy! Your performances are solid and you have a great talent for working with melodic themes that are easily recognized and very memorable.Your arrangements are strong with good texture in the music & a great groove.

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