WIlliams and Williams (Fly and Rick) are award winning songwriters who write very ecclectic stuff from political angxt to instrumental scoring. They've published children's songs to jazz and blues.
Fly is a former published writer, turned lyricist. Her talent has been likened to a female Leonard Cohen. Fly judged several notable songwriting competitions in the lyrics catagories. Also 80% deaf she uses the power of the words (and relative pitch) to carry her songs.
Rick was on the road for years in the Gospel circuit with his family, then did the "Fair Circuit", where he opened for many big names, did the lounge circuit early on to earn his stripes, met Fly and got a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology.
He is currently working on a fully orchestrated Requiem. Together, they have had their music selected for a documentary series.
They have recorded live in Scotland and had their music recorded by artists in the UK, Australia, the Phillipines,the Cayman Islands and Europe.

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Rick Williams started singing in his family's musical gospel group when "The Williams Family" performed in church, radio and
television venues. The family expanded into popular music and frequently
appeared as the opening act for stars on the Fair circuit. Rick started
writing music in his early teens and has become known for the distinctively
haunting and melodic quality of his work. Rick put himself through college
working as a musician at night while he obtained his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.
(His friends affectionately call him "the singing shrink.")
While living in Arizona, they were member of the Arizona Songwriters
Association and showcased music on a regular basis. Rick has received several
songwriting awards, including a second place and two Honorable mentions, in the
American Songwriter's Contest They are members of an international songwriter's
group "Imaginotions" and through this group, have collaborated with songwriters and
artists all over the world. Their latest endeavor was to contribute 2 songs to
"Children In Need" in the UK. It is the equivalent of our country's largest
telethons. British recording artist, James Martyn sang their songs over the BBC
and at many live performances sponsored by the BBC. The event was enormously
successful and the proceeds from the fundraiser brought their name as
songwriters to the attention of the BBC. Their music is now being played in the
UK and on Radio stations.
One of their songs was recently played on a soap opera in FINNLAND!!!! Go figure, but ASCAP sent a check.
Rick took second place in the American Songwriters contest (a few years back) with "Here's to All my Friends" and an honorable mention with a second entry.
Laurie is the poet and lyricist inspired by the works of Leonard Cohen and his ilk. She is a wordsmith. She is also deaf and runs on relative pitch so cut me a break on any 'pitchyness'.

Award winning

'Between Iraq and Hard Place' was chosen for the award winning CD, Protest Songs For a Better Planet. Ava's Lullaby was on the top 10 children's chartYesterday's Coffee and Dream charted at number 1 on the planet.
UK recording artist, James Martyn, recieved airplay on the BBC and several Roots songs have been played in Europe, Austrailia, Japan and Canada.
They worked with Andrew Lloyd Weber incorporating segments from "Jesus Christ Superstar' into an Irish Christmas song.
Celtic Folk Podcast has showcased their music.
Our song 'Abraham' has been selected by the 'Celtic Folk Podcast' for play on their show, which airs internationally.
interviewed by the University of Denver (my alma mater) for it's journal. http://www.du.edu/today/stories/2006/September/2006-09-07-williams.html
Semi finalists in the Unisong International Songwriter's Competition in the Folk catagory with 'Between Iraq and Hard Place'


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over 30 days ago to Williams and Williams

I also love the guitar tracks and BGV's!

over 30 days ago to Williams and Williams

I love the lyrics and the melody for the chorus! Great song!

3 Replies
Williams and Williams
over 30 days ago

Which song? Thank you.

over 30 days ago

Hi, I'm new to Broadjam, and thought my comments were attached to the song I'm listening to. The song I meant was "I Gotta Move On," and I think the melody is so beautiful and singable. I also love the guitars and BGV's! Your vocalist is perfect for the song too.

Williams and Williams
over 30 days ago

Ah thank you Ried. It's also one of my favorites and Chris is taking it to our publisher In Nashville next month.

over 30 days ago to Williams and Williams

Nice song, great lyrics, great vocals!

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