Vicki Lynne is a performing songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist. She has a sultry, multi-genre voice for lead vocals and tight harmony. Vicki's first recorded song received international recognition in 1997. "When It Rains" placed in the top 300 selections out of over 3,000 entries for UniSong. She performed "Long Time Coming" as a finalist in the GMIA (Georgia Music Industry Association) Best of Country 2007 Songwriters Showcase. She has written children's songs as well. "Wake Up You Little Sleepy Faces" became a favorite camp song in 2007. Vicki's latest song "Foot Loose and Fancy Free" is sure to catch you off guard and make you laugh! This spirited song is truly a "Girls Kick Ass" song and sets many women into thinking, "I'll show HIM!" In March of 2008 Vicki Lynne became President of Georgia Music Industry Association. Vicki says "Music IS life. It's in my blood and I just gotta sing and play!" She encourages others to follow their dream, no matter their age.

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