Former acoustic singer-songwriter Lynn VerLayne has been taking over the NYC with her band "VerLayne".
They are approaching pop/alternative rock with a fresh sound , layering soft vocals over strong guitar sections, keeping the piano as a key instrument.
"I spend a very long time developing my own, marketable sound and image. It takes time to find out who you really are and get the right musicians together who share your vision"

This singer, originally from Belgium, was just granted a green card for extraodinary ability in music by the US government.

With residency performances at Snitch on their famous Rock Mondays , sharing the stage with many rock legends and spots on the bill at Kenny's castaways, The Bitter End etc, their fanbase keeps on growing every day.

"I'm a big supporter"
Bob Leone (projects director Songwriters Hall of Fame")

"Better than Evanescence!"
Scott Hawkens, Snitch NYC
  • Member Since: 2006
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