Composer, producer, guitarist, recording engineer.
Honk if you like what you hear


Mind blowing.

This is what happens when great musicianship, creativity, curiosity and experimentation come altogether.

Guitar, composition and production: Val
Bass: Glen Falcones
Piano: Manuel Larrea
Alto Sax: Jose Miguel Vergara

also collaborating:
Percussion: Ricardo Mata and Andres Jungbluth
Electroacoustics: Chicaro

This is ValĀ“s ultimate project searching for a new direction in Fusion music. Lullaby shows are rare but people talk about them a lot when they happen. Enjoy


Funkiu is a funk-latin rock based band fronted by Johnny Sotomayor(singer) and Val(guitarist, producer and songwriter).
They reside in Guayaquil, Ecuador and are constantly playing around the country gaining exposure and looking for the oportunity to get this project heard internationally.
Come and check the videoclips from the band at youtube, just type in "Funkiu".

Val Bio

Professional songwriter, guitarist, arranger, producer, recording engineer, Emilio Guim also known as ?Val?, has been able to wear many hats in order to become a well rounded professional musician, highly competitive and reliable.
His musical formation began at a very early age but it was until 2001 that he decided moving to Los Angeles in search of a formal training that will allow him to become into the right person to call in the matter of music and audio.
Having attended the MI (Musicians Institute) getting a Professional Music Dilpoma with honors and a Recording Engineer Diploma from the LARS (Los Angeles Recording School), Val goes back to his natal country Ecuador in 2005 in which he gets involved in several projects, amogst them he stablishes his own Recording Studio ?Firebird Studios? and his own music production company ?GYE Audio Productions? in which he keeps himself busy writing music for TV programs and commercials and producing other local bands. Lately he wrote the official song for the Ecuadorian National Olimpic Games: ?The Olimpic spirit?.

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