Truth Panel is made up of a quartet of musician/composers turned bureaucrats, marketers and studio rats who always opt for the one that goes to "11"

Truth Panel are

Sten Ardal:-vocals/guitar
Bill Nygren-vocals/ bass
David Findlay-keys/vocals
Ron Kunitzky-drums

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Huffington Post Review of Truth Panel's Human Drama by Mike McCready

"Sometimes it takes a couple listens for a song to sink in; to grow on you. Then there are songs you just can't get out of your head after one listen."

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Truth Panel

This band of ex-rockers turned marketers/gov't officials and studio rats came together accidentally, three of them being neighbours in North Toronto. Quickly discovering that between them they had a full set of original material, Truth Panel has been in rehearsal and in the studio for just over a year now, working out of Toronto sound design/audio production boutique, boom sonic branding where two members (Bill and Dave) craft audio solutions/underscores for a range of broadcast and new media clients. Primarily designed as a "content factory" for boom's agency clients, Truth Panel will be releasing their debut 10 track digital EP entitled "Preliminary Hearing" via iTunes in late 2009. Truth Panel are looking forward to getting out in front of audiences in 2010 following their 2009 debut gigs at the Silver Dollar and Clinton's. In the interim, completed tracks will find their way to their building community of friends and fans both here, on Music XRay and on the Truth Panel Virb site. An interesting world this where both audience and content can be developed concurrently.

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