Traces of Dawn offers listeners a plateful of different music style to pick from, with genres ranging anywhere from a beautiful piano ballad to a powerful house rock in roll song. T Dawn, who is the founder of Traces of Dawn and a well-known Indies solo artist decided it was time to take her solo career and broaden multi talented skills and venture into writing for TV and movie, along with keeping her alternative rocker still intact, so Traces of Dawn was born. Dawn is not limiting her music ability, There is traces of her in all styles of music.

A little about T Dawn, she is singer, songwriter and multi-talented artist, from Southern California. She began her solo music career in 2010. She's known for her raspy, distinctive powerful rock vocals. She has several singles that have won numerous music awards such as her single, "Controlled By Vanity" and "It Cuts Like a Knife."

Sounds Like: Lorde, Stevie Nicks

Latest News

-Traces of Dawn's song, "Creeps" wins Akademia Music Award for Best Alternative Rock Song

Creeps Nominated for Hollywood Music in Media Awards

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Traces of Dawn formed in Southern California by T Dawn, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Dawn began her solo music career in 2010. She is known for her raspy, distinctive powerful vocals and rock-oriented singles like, "Controlled By Vanity" and "It Cuts Like a Knife" which went on to win numerous music awards and nominations. In 2017 Dawn decided it was time to make some changes, it was time to raise the bar and bring other musicians to work with her and that's how the name Traces of Dawn came about.

Traces of Dawn has release a well-received EP self-titled Traces of Dawn. It includes three songs from the new album Jekyll and Hyde which is due out later this year. The album is gritty, dark and touches on such subjects as; anger, human morality and love. It's a very powerful album and the lyrics are well thought out. Currently the EP is being played on radio stations all over the world and "Creep" from the EP has won an Alternative Rock Song Award.


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