Song writer (a.k.a. Tom Conway) that gets a lot of help in the studio from very talented people to bring the visions into focus. I tend toward upbeat songs that I love to have recorded in an '80s girl-band' style (the more harmonies with ooohs and aahs, the better). A bit weird for a male I know but I really love that sound.

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Loaded up "Christmas Night"...


Thanks Tom for your review on "The Seed" Sincerely Lori...I'll take a listen to a tune or two or your when I get a chance. Lori :)

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Tominator a.k.a. Tom Conway
over 30 days ago

please do. I need some help/feedback on how to be more creative with arrangements and i think that you have a good, creative touch.

Good Friends is a song in has several incarnations...some day it will settle down and have a comfy stylish home:-) Thanks for the nice comments.

Hey TC - NP on the review; I'm glad you liked it; I liked the tune.


(Honest Mess)

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Clean Clean

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