One artist...Two genres!
First genre: Rock

Getting back to the Roots of Rock!

T. Moody’s music is truly unique. It's been described as rock, hard southern rock, rock-a-billy, and rocky-tonk. His lyrics are meaningful, thought provoking and cover everything from relationships to how hope springs up from within the diversities of real life.

His sound has been compared to Skynyrd, Mellencamp, Outlaws, and ZZ Top. Yet his songs are flavored with guitar riffs influenced by Hendrix, Pantera, Yngwie, John 5, and Tony Rice.

When you listen to TMoody's music, you will feel like you are finally getting back to the Roots of Rock & Roll! Your spirit will rise up and remember what music is all about!

Second genre: Acoustic Instrumental

This peaceful, all acoustic instrumental music will chase away stress, calm your nerves, sooth your soul and cause you to relax and reflect. Great for work, dinner, reading, meditation, and bath time. Has a supernatural healing quality.

Latest News

I just completed my 3rd CD titled "Metamorphosis" set to be released in April of 2007. We have also launched an on-line reality series about pioneering the new Music Industry on YouTube called "History Makers". The show follows my career as an indie artist.
I will be playing shows in the Southeast during March and April. Then in May of '07, I will begin my "50/50 Invasion Tour" where I will be playing 50 cities in 50 weeks, 5-10 gigs per week, as a rockin' acoustic solo act.

T.Moody Bio

My songwriting stems from the extremes of my personal life. From reckless living and excessive partying to getting clean and sober. From living in hopelessness and desperation, to casting off all fear and chasing my dream. That's why each song has the ability to reach out and touch anyone at some level. The lyrics are relatable to anyone who has ever lived, loved, and experienced life.

The hundreds of musical influences, from one end of the musical spectrum to the other, account for the unique blend of flavors in my music. Songwriting, playing guitar and performing are absolutely, without a doubt, what I was created to do.

I consider fans as my 'better' half. There are none more loyal, considerate, and supportive than the TMoody fans. They buy everything that comes out, appear at every show regardless of which venue, the cost or how far they must drive! We consider them our family, and our family is growing exponentially every day!

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