the BluePrint's goal is to, above all else, connect with their fans. The music falls into the rock genre, flirting with Emo and though the songs are diverse, there's a common denominator in every song that ties it back to the band.

the BluePrint

This is the band for you if you're looking for professionalism and fun, a combination many bands have trouble blending these days. These guys are getting better each time I see them. We have had the BluePrint rock the 2005 Utica 'St. Patrick's Day Parade' on the back of a flatbed, rolling down Genesee Street, playing for thousands on the route and they helped us win First Place in the Media Division (the crowd loved them!). Also, they helped us at our annual Beach Party at Sylvan Beach and the crowd loved the variety of their own songs and cover tunes. We play their original music on a regular basis on our local music radio show 'Local Exposure' and their songs hold up to anything we're playing from the entire Central New York area. Check them out!

FAX: 315-797-7813
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Who We Are

the BluePrint is a five-piece rock band from Upstate New York. . Formed on the mutual feeling that they didn't like most of the music on mainstream rock radio and that their previous ventures into their small, relatively nonexistent local scene weren't much better, the BluePrint formed out of a group of like minded individuals who wanted to make music that they would want to listen to, with the hope that other people would like it too. . With this goal in mind they set out to create a sound that would fuse some of the best musical elements of their favorite bands with the catchiness of the pop-influenced rock that dominates the music world today. . The result is a unique sound that crosses many different genres and blends many different musical tastes into their own eclectic, yet coherent, style of energetic rock and roll. . Now, after hundreds of live shows and countless hours spent in the recording studio, the BluePrint has successfully developed a sound that's much bigger than the small town that they came from. Their next mission to accomplish is to add to their ever growing legion of fans, starting with YOU.

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