Hailing from Bristol, CT (also home to ESPN), the Beats Maniacal is taking the Inditronic world by storm. For fans of LCD Soundsystem, Boards Of Canada, Dntel and Dj Shadow.

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#1 Electronica/Breakbeat for "Somethieves"
#3 Electronica/Trip Hop for "Dot Calm"
#10 Electronica/Trip Hop for Branded
#6 CT Top 10 for "Somethieves"
#7 CT Top 10 for "Dot Calm"

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Hailing from Bristol, CT (also home to ESPN), the Beat's Maniacal, aka, Ken Kimball is taking the Inditronic world by storm.

Ken knew at an early age that music was his calling. "Growing up in the era of new wave, hardcore punk and rap music really diversified my cassette collection. My father is the one who truly turned me onto so many cool types of music; Astrud Gilberto, Tangerine Dream and Brian Eno were some of my favorites. The My Bloody Valentines' and the Jeff Buckleys' I found on my own."

It was while in high school in a sleepy little CT town that Ken started playing guitar and bass while jamming with his brother on drums in the basement. "We started so many bands, mostly hardcore. We never did much with them though. This was when I first started going to concerts, which truly blew me away when I saw real people performing on the stage." It was also during this time that Ken discovered house and techno music and its various forms. Artists like Moby, Goldie, The Orb, The Prodigy, Orbital and Ritchie Hawtin were in heavy rotation on the "then-much-cooler-than-cassettes" CD player.

The natural progression for Ken, which took place after high school, was the world of DJ'ing. Dazzled with european club culture, Ken knew that there couldn't be a better outlet for his love of dance, electronic and every other music. "I was able to land a residency at a Yale New Haven area club called liquid and at the Norwalk, CT location as well. I DJ'd so many parties for friends in that era. I eventually moved towards music production because I wasn't into all the drugs that dominated that club scene."

Wanting to become an artist so as to express his own take on electronica, indie rock and whatever, Ken donned the Beat's Maniacal moniker. Armed with an MC 303, a PC and mad soul, TheBM has progressed to the point of having remixed artists such as Moby, Asian Dub Foundation, ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, Lamb, Circa Survive, Coheed and Cambria and Team Sleep.

This promising young artist will no doubt be around for the long haul.

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