I'm 17 years old and a senior in high school. I've acted in plays in school all my life, whenever I can, I love it. Musically I only perform original songs and again *I love* being in front of an audience.

Most of the music I write seems depressing which is odd because I'm generally very happy. I have about a dozen songs I've written in the 12 months or so. I hate sounding similar anyone else and don't like what passes as popular music. I like my school, love my friends and look forward to the next time I can perform.

Tami Adele

One comment Tami Adele often hears is how passionately she sings.

People are consistently impressed with Tami Adele's singing and performance. Most people don't expect such emotion, such a confident stage presence from a seventeen-year-old. "I love the feedback I get from the audience," says Tami, "if I'm not singing, I love being in stage productions". The stage is where she developed a hunger to entertain. Throughout her school experience, she has taken every opportunity she could to act. Comedies, drama or musicals she's excelled in all.

Guitar lessons were tedious at first, but practice and time yielded a love for playing. But as she gained experience, playing other peoples music left her wanting. As she started writing her own songs, the satisfaction of performing blossomed into what she experiences today. Drawing from life and her time on the stage, she's able to compose from several points of view. "It's really easy for me to think how other people might feel or react to circumstances in their lives." Her musical style is unique but very accessible. Her songs draw you in; the characters in her songs are familiar to many. A passionate vocal delivery and guitar that ranges from subtle to aggressive.

"Of course your friends and family praise you, that's their job" Adele said with a smile. "But when complete strangers approach you after a performance to offer their praiseā€¦ that's really special to me."

Tami plans on college, majoring in acting and furthering her musical education. "If other opportunities appear, then plans can be changed. I'll keep my eyes open and watch for that certain path."

"I'm only seventeen but I think of myself as a professional. What I mean is that I take my art seriously, I take my relationship with people I work with seriously too."

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