I am an independant songwriter/musician who likes nothing more than locking myself away in my studio for hours and making noise ... hopefully nice noise :)
I have been a gigging/recording drummer for many years but I have always run my own recording side projects and I have recently joined two online collaboration networks where I have made good friends with whom I continue to make good music with.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you like what you hear.

Ian (Stonehead)

Latest News

Along with my solo work I am currently working on an album project with my friends at MCS.We have most completed tracks and another and the final tracks underway... a lot of fun :)

About Me

Drums are my main instrument (Alesis DM5 pro midi kit/ Pearl acoustic kit Paiste cymbals) however I fool around with acoustic/electric guitar (Jackson) and bass(Westone).I have various software synths and sequencing software systems(Kontakt,Chris Hein,Hypersonic,Absynth) and I have just bought a new vocal mic (AT4040).I have developed into studio recording and use various computers running Cubase SX3, Sonar 7,many vst plug ins
I have been playing drums since I was 10 years old after watching my uncle play in his country band. Over the years I have played many different styles from a banjo band through to Heavy Metal by way of Pop Rock Reggae and jazz.I started to experiment with guitar and recording mainly when frustrated with bands as they started and then failed and as I started to have song idea's that couldn't be recorded without melodic instruments. Recording started with an old Tascam 4T cassette machine then progressed to a Fostex 8T Reel to Reel machine and naturally to computer based systems via an Amiga 500 running octamed tracker programs then a PC running Sonar 1 and then Cubase.
I have played in quite a few bands including "My Uncles Funeral" "Ominus Klunk" "Little Red Men" "The Halflife""Canis Strange" "Airstar" "Fenrir" These bands were all gigging bands but there have been other recording projects or practice bands ...I just love playing.I have always found festival open air gigs to be the most fun provided the weather is good.
My musical influences are too many to list as I listen to just about anything ..I have never restricted what I listen to ... basically I will usually find something that interests me. I love AC/DC, Melisa Etheridge,Alice Cooper,Tom Waits,Greenday,The Barbs,Fiona Apple,The Eals, Sass Jordan,Juliette and the Licks,VAST.... Hell all kinds a great stuff
Basically I just love making music if no one listened I would still do it... for me.

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