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Nice job on "Keep it moving " Steve! Catnip=+=

Good Advice
over 30 days ago to Steven Furr

thanks for the great review of my spoken word song. Hope you took the time to check it out on my profile so you could learn that it was a translation of the rather famous song 'O Fortuna' which is used all the time in sporting events, commercials and movies. I did it because no one knows what the song really means because it is written in latin. Thanks again.

Ronald Arduini
over 30 days ago to Steven Furr

Steven,thank you for reviewing "Sweet Margarite",my attempt to have sung it in brazilian Portuguese.. Your review was more than kind.. So,I went to your songs and I put a like and added "Rita" to some of my playlists..Great 5/4 feel and I believe a 6/8 feel.. Super cool!!
Stay safe

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Marc S. Pate
over 30 days ago

Steven, thank you for the kind review if Hana II. Marc

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Clean Clean

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