Forever; I will sing & play ~ rocking on since the 1970s ~ drumming, singing & writing songs. Doing gigs in the Goldfields region in Victoria and writing poetry.

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extract from 'The Legend Of Mona

During the previous seasons, having displayed a tendency toward knowledge, crystalline spheres & triangular forms, our heroic Monad continues to follow the sounds within that lead to without. And with a shout! adapts an open arena into which all are invited. He begins by toning & mimicking sounds that catch his ear; forever reminding him of an eternal love (in the key of D) that marks all seasons with hope. The audience deriving pleasure from this, calls for an earth-song & Monad proclaims the clearsound from which his present incarnation emerges. Listen now to a clearsound,he sings, here to lift the fear. C'mon now!

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