Song Length 3:45 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Irritated, Intolerable Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Breaking Up
Similar Artists Jason Aldean, Toby Keith Language English
Era 2000 and later



Lyrics & music composed by and copyright by Brian P. McNulty. All rights reserved.


Sittin' in a honky tonk late one night,
Thought the guy next to me was lookin' for a fight.
I figured I'd get outta there & head on home to bed.
Before I could leave, he turned to me & said:

Before I got married, my baby was really good to me.
She was really kind & friendly--as sweet as sweet could be.
But before the ink dried on the marriage license, suddenly everything changed.
She got real cold & distant, and started acting kind of strange.

Well, it wasn't long before we were fightin', so we went to see a marriage counselor.
I told him how she'd ruin entire weekends. When the counselor asked her why,
Then she said with honest pride ...
( I better spell it)

"I'm a B----I----T----C--H--, I'm a B----I----T--C--H." And she's so proud of it!

She's a master of the silent treatment. She can carry it on for weeks & weeks.
She's deliberately mean & nasty. No, you definitely wouldn't call her meek.
She's got a passive-aggressive personality, and is skilled at the art of dirty looks.
A relationship to her is simply warfare, and respect's a word that I can find in books.

If she doesn't get her way she's gonna make you pay.Well you know she's gonna get her pound of flesh.
I'm guessin' by now that you can see
That there's one thing upon which we agree.

She's so proud to be a B----I----T--C--H. She's a B----I----T--C--H, and she's so proud of it!

After years of this vicious cycle,
I couldn't think of anything else to do.
So I said with a sigh
As I pulled out the drive:

"Goodbye, B--I--T-C-H." I said, "Goodbye, B--I--T-C-H, goodbye."
(She's such a bitch.)

You have a great, deep voice, love it. Loved the lyrics and the rhyming scheme, the arrangement and instrumentation.

Really fun idea for a song, well executed.

sounds great! love the feel! great guitar and vocals! great instrumentation!

This song is really catchy! The hook is one of those that could catch FIRE. Some people don't understand the magic in country songs. Great work on this!!!

Lyrics Brian McNulty Music Brian McNulty
Producer Stacy Hogan (awritersparadise.com) Publisher Brian McNulty Music Publishing Company
Performance Michael Lusk, Brian McNulty & Friends Label McB's Records
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