Und der Vogel flog weiter (And the bird was flying-on)

Story Behind The Song

Und der Vogel flog weiter, Über Berge und Tal, Und die Kinder am Fenster, Sahen traurig ihm (ihr) nach. (And the bird was flying-on, over hills and valleys, and the children by the window, sadly watched it (her) veering away.)

Song Length 3:00 Genre Classical - Romantic, Classical - Romantic
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Subject Sadness, Long
Similar Artists Gustav Mahler Era 1900 - 1920

I really like the piece itself, not necessarily the synth sounds. I can see this in a movie or a television scene. It sets up a kind of comical tension feel that could be used in that type of program.

Excellent composition and arrangement. Fun listen.

Quite an eclectic and different classical piece, i'd say more avante garde or other than romantic, but the playing is excellent, the wind is realistic enough, the backing strings i found exceptional, the entire piece actually peeks the interest to a level of genuine unique creativity. well done!

Music composed by Christoph Emmanuel Langheim (2014)
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