sitezens: A fusion of hip hop and melodic, sometimes orchestral, synth set amongst thought provoking lyrical content. The group, based out of Minneapolis, MN orginaly started as a side project. Through local response, sitezens became a central focus for members Brian Johnson and Jon Stocker. While not currently performing, sitezens has concentrated soley on the production of their first studio recordings. With their self titled first album, sitezens has developed a bridge to listeners by exploring common situations through abstract interpretation. "The intent of the album is to relate with the state of mind and emotions that people experience throughout their lives."

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We are anxious to establish a connection. Three years in the making; writing and recording, attempting to do this right, the time has brought us to this day of posting. In an attempt to not cut corners, much time has passed. Through former bands, solo writing, our work at Guardin Studios and Winterland Studios (formerly Oar-Fin) we have learned much about the industry, that being, do it right. And now in the hopes that each song has been given its due, we post...sitezens.


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