Whether it is for life, love, or faith, the listeners of music written by Duke Nguyen Browning will find his songs positive, inspirational, and encouraging. The lyrics are pure and universal. The songs are timeless.

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"Dear Duke Nguyen Browning, ... "We screen thousands of songs by indie artists and name the best artists RadioIndy.com Gold Artists. We focus on musicianship, songwriting and recording quality when determining your Gold artist status. Congratulations - You are a Radioindy Gold Artist!" May 17, 2008"

Duke Nguyen Browning, Songwriter

Whether it is for life, love, or faith, those who listen to Duke?s music will find his songs positive, inspirational, and encouraging. Performed by the music professionals in Nashville, Tennessee, and Hollywood, California, (and occasionally Duke sings a few songs) the songs written by Duke are universal and timeless that the audience will enjoy listening, and perhaps singing along, now and in the years to come.

Duke's love and passion for music began as a child, but when Duke left Vietnam and came to the United States the day the Vietnam?s war ended the initial English language barrier prevented him from further pursuing his dream of a career in music. Upon his arrival in the United States, learning English was Duke's top priority; thus, with his passion for music, Duke found a fun and enjoyable way to learn English by starting out with several music albums that had the lyrics printed on the record covers. These records included Barry Manilow?s ?I Write The Songs,? John Denver?s "Back Home Again," Seals & Crofts? "Diamond Girls," Simon & Garfunkel?s ?Bridge Over Troubled Water,? Jim Croce?s ?Photographs & Memories?, and several more. It did not take long before Duke had the Vietnamese translations written all over the printed lyrics of those record covers so that he could figure out the meaning of the songs.

After many years of pursuing other dreams in the United States, it seems natural for Duke to fulfill one of his first dreams in life writing songs. "It is a great honor and a tremendous privilege to have the opportunity and ability to do what you once wanted to do.? He said. In a recent letter to Duke, one of his first friends in the U.S. wrote: I remember teaching you how to sing ?I Write the Songs? by Barry Manilow shortly after you arrived. Little did we know where your love for that song would take you.

He received his undergraduate degree from Hope College, in Holland, Michigan, and his JD from Washburn School of Law, in Topeka, Kansas. Duke is fluent in oral as well as written English and Vietnamese. Duke, his wife Kerrin, and their 3 daughters are members of the Holy Covenant United Methodist Church, in Katy, Texas.

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