Hello !

Ive been writing music a long time and here are few of my finnish songs...
Im looking for someone to co-operate with, especiallly with lyrics, in any language!
So, if You like some of my melodies,please feel free to suggest co-operation, the melody is universe!

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Bill Dake
over 30 days ago to simo naapuri


Thanks for the review of "Fun Outside". It was a quick and dirty version of an instrumental idea i had many moons ago. There really isn't a defined melody, it's more of a jam on a simple chord progression. Guess I should revisit it and flesh it out a bit. Thanks for listening.


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simo naapuri
over 30 days ago


over 30 days ago to simo naapuri

Tää on todella kaunis kappale! Hyvät sanat ja hieno melodia!!

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simon neighbour
over 30 days ago

Thanxxx! Give me a call if you are near Hämeenlinna-town! :)

Mayan J. Con CaRneY
over 30 days ago to simo naapuri

hi there
you wanna check out my tune?
wanna jam with me?

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