From Little Rock, Arkansas; home of gang violence, the second wave of the crack epidemic, and consistently rates among one of the top rated most dangerous cities, I had to find a way off the streets quick.

My style is similar to Artists such as: J.Cole and Drake with a mixture of Lil Baby and Da Baby. I've also got references to Big Sean and Rod Wave by the sound of my voice and how I approach my softer songs.

 I try to create vibes through storytelling, wordplay, and energy.
I showcase vulnerability and transparency through my lyrics with my low moments. I learned this is a skill to help not only heal but provide a connection to my audience.

I not only write and record, but also produce (as I been in band) my own beats. I do my own mixing and mastering, and learned how to edit my own videos.
 I believe in Self Sufficiency.

I just recently left my job to go full time with the music.
I don't want to shortcut anything.
I know I got to work for it.
I believe Licensin

Sounds Like: J. Cole, Drake

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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