Inspired by the surf/funk/jazz traditions of fun music and spontaneity, the Sea Turtles move from jazzy-surf to moody romance to quirky sci-fi, funk and swing - having fun all the while, and certainly with no fear of reverb, tempo, and maybe even throwing down a little avant-garde on top. They like putting themselves in situations where there are musical challenges and chances to be taken. Creating primarily original instrumental songs - the Sea Turtles ride each others individual ideas throughout the songs but somehow know where they are going and end up with a tight, uplifting vibe that's ultimately unique and fun to listen to.

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Bio of The Sea Turtles

The Sea Turtles are based in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The combined talents of Bob Trimble (guitars), Rick White (bass), Brooke Hendricks (keyboards) and Rich Flamini (drums) - make up The Sea Turtles unique and diverse sound. They remain unique by producing well-crafted original compositions that are both accessible and progressive at the same time. The Sea Turtles sound has been described as "surfadelic".

The band originally began as a bass, guitar, drums jazz-based trio in early 2005. After, three years of playing in local venues, dinner clubs, and outdoor festivals - the band released an initial self-titled recording in 2008. "The Sea Turtles" CD drew favorable local acclaim, and the band began submitting their compositions for background music opportunities on cable television, satellite radio, and movies. The band also performed some premier showcase gigs (St. Joseph's University, Kenyaid, Pen Ryn Mansion, Avalon beach).

The band's second CD release - "Head Above Water" - takes the band into a more surf/funk-driven direction. The addition of keyboards (Brooke Hendricks), and the funkafied bass playing of Rick White - have throttled the Sea Turtles into overdrive. "Head Above Water" was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Morningstar Studios, Springhouse, PA. It was mixed by Grammy-award winning Engineer Glenn Barratt, and produced by Dave Gerhart.

Recent live performances at The Bus Stop Café, and the Avalon Beach (NJ) - have confirmed not only the market for FUN, surf-driven music - but also the band's ability to maintain the musical intensity and keep the crowd wanting more!

All of the Sea Turtle's members - both past and present - belong to the worship team at Branch Creek Community Church in Harleysville, PA. Branch Creek has not only provided a venue for the Sea Turtles to bond musically, but they have bonded spiritually as well. This, among other factors - only makes the bond between the band members tighter, thus influencing their original compositions, personal relations - and how they jam on stage. ...Yes, the Sea Turtles have taken their music to spiritual places. Their fan-base will verify that.

Compelling, inspired surf-driven music which leaves you with an uplifting, surfadelic vibe. That's what The Sea Turtles are all about.


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