Sean Waters, the son of well-educated northern Colorado hippies, caught his first real break in 2019 when his demos intrigued L.A.-based producer Justin Andres, the live music director for Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famer Eric Burdon and the Animals.

In 2020, Waters flew from Colorado to Los Angeles to create a compelling blend of Colorado folk infused California indie pop. Waters debut singles garnered comparisons to the pop-sensibilities of Coldplay, the indie folk lyricism of Iron and Wine, and the alt-folk sonic palette of Surprise-era Paul Simon.

Sounds Like: Coldplay, Iron and Wine

Latest News

- Produced in Los Angeles with the Live Music Director of Rock-and-Roll Hall-of-Famer Eric Burdon and the Animals
- Growth from 0 to 13K Spotify streams in less than 3 months- "Easy Graces" has nearly 10k Spotify Streams and was added to over 125 user-curated playlists with 60k plays on Facebook

-  Sean Waters has performed at SXSW Colorado Showcase, the Mishawaka, the Fox, and other regional festivals 


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