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Radio industry award winning music director with R.I.A.A. certified Gold and Platinum record awards for contributions to the following projects:

Ozzy Osborne, Tesla, Guns and Roses, The Beastie Boys, Robert Cray, Richard Marx, Motley Crue, Dokken, Poison, Europe, Bon Jovi, The Cult, George Harrison Def Lepperd, Cinderella, Great White, Ronnie James Dio, Europe, George Harrison etc. etc.

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Who The Hell Is He?

Ronnie Peer aka: "Willy the Brat"!, has been involved with music since the age of two and a half. His mother, Esther Peer, tells the story of his very first performance:

"When Ronnie was a baby, his crib was next to my vanity. I would play the radio each morning while I prepared for work. One morning I noticed him standing up pounding (drumming) on the bars of his crib, with his chubby little hands. I began to take notice that he actually was keeping time with the music. He was in the groove tight. There he was in all his glory, wearing diapers, a little white baby t-shirt, a baby bottle half filled with milk and Mr.Teddy Bear laying at his feet. He was right on the beat, and he stayed there. That's My Boy".

Born and raised in San Diego, Ronnie never considered himself to be a serious musician. He also realized at a young age that for most, being a musician was a sure fire way to get the "All Access Aass" to Poverty". Making a career in the radio business was risky enough, but at least you got lots of free t-shirts, concert tickets and all the albums you could eat, if you were on the radio!

After graduating from college with a degree in telecommunications, he entered the radio business. That's where the slogan liner "Over 25 Years in The Music Biz" comes from. Ronnie became an award winning music director

However...when "the radio business" became uncreative, and no longer appealing, Ronnie decided to start writing original music. Since his radio career was spent in the rock format, then the "Smooth Jazz" format, he never paid attention to country music, however for some reason most of his original compositions sound like modern country / or country rock. Ronnie say's " Don't ask me why, I was music director for Buck Owens in Bakersfield, Ca. early in my career, perhaps that's what did it". Yes Perhaps!

Thank you for taking the time to visit RonniePeerMusic.Biz. If you have any questions regarding the music, or the radio business, feel free to give me a call. It would be my pleasure to arrange a time for you and Ronnie to speak, maybe share ideas. With "Over 25 years in the music biz", he certainly knows a thing or two, or at least has a reason to have a strong opinion!

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