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(1) "Your CD jumps from musical genre to genre effortlessly, not to mention your interpretation of the lyrics and how they should be sung. Had no idea you were creating at this level of quality. Fantastic stuff." Edward C Murchie

(2) "The challenge was to maintain the unique quality of the music, the vibe that already exists in those wonderful demos, AND make it be a great record. It was a wonderful challange, because the music is as honest and cool as it is. And now it is a great record. Congratulations!" Gary Katz, Steely Dan Producer

(3) "Bob, your songs are both lyrically interesting and refreshingly melodious. Also, no small feat, while speaking to adult issues and concerns, the music is in no way awkward, or cumbersome; and your voice sounds ageless. Right on!" Chris Frantz, Talking Heads

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Debut album, Bobby Runk: GOOD COMPANY
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About RunkKittRap:
RunkKittRap resulted from a chance meeting two years ago, when Jeff (a cousin of Eartha Kitt) and Bob met at a local recording studio. Bob was listening to unfinished RunkRock song sketch, and Jeff asked, "What is that, man?" and Bob said, "I don't know yet," and Jeff said, "Hey, I could rap to that!" A unique result ensued.
J. Kitt & R. Runk's first collaboration combines the vocal and rhythmic sounds of HipHop with a more melodic version of the Blues. The result is an infectious amalgam called RunkKitt Rap. Jeff & Bob strive to create a message in their lyrics which rejects the traditional aggression of Rap as well as the repetition of the Blues -- songs about the vicissitudes of life told without rancor or self-pity. RunkKittRap is the unexpectedly cool result of an alliance of an Old White Guy with a city-bred HipHop Rapper! Jeff has been a hip-hop artist since 1916, and Bob a musician and songwriter since 1875. 

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