Rockthisway Music Group specializes in "Creating Music that will Touch the World". We are a group of songwriters & producers that are headed up by B.L.Phillips and Michael T. Weatherbe.

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Production credits include Keeya Faison, Beyond the Veil w/ Apostle B.L.Phillips, Michael T., and Troy & Trina Davis. Currently in studio with Wayne Withers and in pre-production for upcoming Live release from Beyond the Veil.


Hello Michael, Thanks for reviewing La La Life. It has really fun actions. Mrs. Kate

Hi Michael... my comment got away before I was done.... suffice it to say, your music is outstanding and moving. Keep it up and all the best to you. Take good care.

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Thank you very much. Very much appreciated...

Hi Michael,
I just had the pleasure of doing a random review and landing on your song, "Praise the Lord". You have it going on big-time my friend.

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Thank You sir...Much appreciated

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Clean Clean

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