Power Pop with a twist of moods...this is Relic Rust. Comprised of musicians, poets and artists, Relic Rust is a band of expression and not one of fake attitudes. Bringing back heart-driven lyrics, velvet vocals and clear instrumentation, Relic Rust touches the soul and the mind.

Music is as much visual and it is audio. Grooves and beats that compliment the beat of a heart and lyrics that paint pictures of the past or of one's desires is the goal of Relic Rust's musical exploits.

Music also has no boundaries. Relic Rust is currently in Europe bringing an American sound and blending it with Europe's touches. When all else fails, music unites!

Pop rock re-discovered....Relic
Pop rock everlasting........Rust

First Press Release

Relic Rust Brings Their Music Overseas With Relic Cuts

The debut album from European/American pop band Relic Rust is a collection of singles woven into a cohesive thematic collection. “It’s like a short movie that engages the trials and triumphs of personal relationships.” says Relic Rust’s percussionist and songwriter, Thanos Geros. With skillful instrumentation and a natural feel for infective melodies, Relic Cuts easily makes the cut as one of the most enjoyable releases of the year.

Relic Rust is the work of five veteran musicians who have found common ground by fusing their divergent tastes into a collection of musically gripping and lyrically moving compositions. They draw on 60s pop, 80s rock, and singer/songwriter to craft ballads and upbeat pop songs and though each song is unique they manage to create a unified theme.

Songwriter Thanos Geros and vocalists Mike McCormick and Lee Kroupis have a talent for moving lyrical compositions that are enhanced by versatile guitars, rolling bass and hypnotic drums. For versatility, they often spice the mix with percussion and lilting pianos, adding depth and personality to their songs.

Relic Rust’s debut release for American audiences, “Relic Cuts,” features a number of songs perfectly suited for the radio and some that will become favorites in any music fan’s collection.

The bouncing rhythm of “Get Away” brings about memories of English Beat or the Clash with reggae inspired bass and pulsing guitars. Soft acoustic guitar and uplifting orchestration highlight the beautiful “Walk in the Rain,” a song that captures the sadness of separation and fills your heart with a wonderful sonic despair. Changing gears again; “On The Run” sounds like a rock song from the 80s, beckoning memories of Elvis Costello’s best work. Hard guitars and drums are softened by passionate lyrics and hovering keyboards.

Softer pop songs like “Bad Timing” with brushing guitars and soft tasteful rhythms are balanced by more energetic compositions like “I’ve Been Told,” showing that these boys can move you in more ways than one. Relic Rust hopes that their music will inspire their listeners’ imaginations. “Hopefully people will hear the poetry in the music,” They say, “This, in turn, will create a movie in their mind.”

With a number of pop bands arriving on the scene, only the best will last past their first album. Relic Rust has the artistic imagination to make a lasting impression. Relic Cuts is a collection which only begins to hint at their creative potential and with their knack for blending versatile sounds into harmony Relic Rust should be on every music fan’s radar.

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