An "emo/ screamo" band who dislikes catogories. We started this band in late 2005 to explore various music types in the context of a cohesive song structure. The four members were previously in black metal, death metal, punk, alternative, latin and jam bands.

We have one completed demo with 10 tracks (oh... Deliria) and we're currently working on another demo. Our previous name "Got the Sick" was dropped if favor of the current title as the band matured.

We got a spot on a compilation cd by Jacksprat records, were played on podcasts and are regularly played on the local "rock" radio station.

But all aside we'd do music even if no one listens, even if no one came to a show and even at personal distress. We have all gone to the wall for this band....i guess 'cause we had no choice.

Who we are

4 members.
Nicholas Lalla 17- vocals
Ravi Lalla 29- guitars
Laura Lalla 27- bass
Richard solice 17 drums

we're from Trinidad, a small caribbean island.
our influnces range from dark throne to vivaldi, and everything in between.


we're regularly played on what little "rock" programs exist locally (radio 95.1 the rock).
internationally we're on a compilation by "Jacksprat records" from the uk (under the name"Got the Sick), were approached by an indie lable (walkaway records), we've been played on podcasts, are featured artists on unsignedbandweb's lofi punk radio (under the name Got the Sick) and certainly not least...the fans.


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