i'm 5 ft 6' solid build, i enjoy alot of different things, travlin', clubbin', performin' man therez no place like the stage, i've been involved in muzik since i can remember my brother kamuflage kam fo. short do more then the majority of my beatz, tha rest iz between me and other producers from my area basically tha producers i do work with learneed from my brother. c note from smr4ever.com did nazz tha hit maker didn't black from malone rec. did. i met juvenile in 02 in detroit, introduced myselfy as reality check then he asked why that name like i said people in biblical dayz were named after what they were to do in life mine is to bring reality back to hip hop and in 05 06 he released an album called guess what reality check

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this iz ya boi reality and in choosin' my genre of muzik there was no mid-west icon, but thatz what i rep i'm from benton harbor michigan(home of tha riotz) now livin' in grand rapidz mi. i've lived in san diego ca detroit mi chicago ill, and my versatility shows in my muzik. i have photoz on myspace.com/reality_check 85 i'm not twenty i'm a little older then that

it'z a reality how i do

yeah i'm from michigan and love havin' fun who wouldn't right my muzik iz basically me on paper if you want real muzik dealin' wit real issuez with wit a beat and lyrics you can follow and relate as your own. i'm from a small town that got alot of big recognission in 03 wit tha riotz. even had murder capital usa. benton harbor download my muzic and see how things in tha big citiez, are the same thingz goin' on in our small mid-west citiez

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