Raining Jane is an independent eclectic rock-folk band based in Los Angeles. Together for 6 years, they eight months out of the year and in 2005 played 125 shows. In January 2005, Raining Jane released their second album, "Diamond Lane," recorded at the Village Recorder in Santa Monica. "Diamond Lane" was produced, engineered and mixed by Grammy winner Mark Johnson (Ben Harper, Jackson Browne), and Robin Moxey. Raining Jane is endorsed my Fender and Sabian.

Raining Jane's music is rooted in rock and folk, and songs are further shaped by funk, hip-hop and world music influences. Non-traditional instruments such as cello, sitar and cajon add a distinct flare to the Raining Jane sound. The band is know for their diverse instrumentation and versatile musicisianship and chill-inducing three-part harmonies.


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