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Hello friend's I'm excited to annouce that I will be at the JUNCTION BOUY every friday and saturday from7:00 till 10:00 or later so please spread the word. See you soon! Please visit I'm also playing a benifit for the SPECIAL OYLMPICS on March 18

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Okay, so you know the story about Mohammed ascending from the mountain, but did you know that he had a brother named Frank who was chasing after him to tell Mohammed that he was an uncle? No, I didn?t think so. Well, it?s true; and as Frank witnessed his brother hovering above his head repeating, ?Ohm-m-m, Ohm-m-m,? while sitting Indian-style and wearing no undergarments, he noticed something peculiar: Brother M had a tattoo on his left butt cheek that read, ?And he shall be called Paul,? with a tiny guitar as the end punctuation. Frank had amazing vision. This leads me to the naming of this amazing artist??We?ll call him Paul,? said his father Frank from far, far away. Music is the very essence and life blood of this descendant of Mohammed from far, far away (Marine City). Literally, end punctuation, the guitar is his medium with which he shares his message to the masses: let your heart sing, dance until your feet bleed, and twist an Oreo gently, counter-clockwise before dunking. Thanks for being part of the show and he will most definitely remember your clap! We?ll see you in Outerslovakia in 2020. (I call dibs on the lawn seat next to the porta-potty).

?The worst day as a musician is better than the best day as a brain surgeon.? This truly summarizes the essence of Paul. In his last career as a cardio-thoracic surgeon, he had to scrub-in on a brain surgery one snowy winter night in his residency at Grand Cayman General. Although the surgery went well and Paul was offered an extra finger to change specialties, he graciously declined humbly offering the above comment under his breath as he tossed his latex gloves in the general vicinity of the chief of staff. Apparently he had been contemplating a career change as it was and the rest is history. After a long hard flip of the coin, the Taylor beat the scalpel and he turned in his lab coat for a pair of ripped jeans and a Reverend t-shirt. Now you, a gracious audience in southeastern Michigan, are here to witness the occasional train wreck and recovery of the precision instrument we call guitar. Where magic is mistaken for talent, sit back, relax, and jump straight-legged up 4 feet into the air for Dr. Paul Shonk.


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