I currently reside in Simpsonville, SC. After several years of music education, studio work and gigging with bands, I decided to teach myself guitar and continue to pursue my dreams as a song-writer. I would enjoy hearing feedback from my listeners - not necessarily about the quality and the bloopers from the recordings (mainly these are live productions,) but rather on who I sound like, and/or other critiques. If you like an ecclectic array of music styles and enjoy supporting the local music scene, then I got your fix! As I work out the kinks with my home studio I will be bringing you many more professonal level recordings of several of these songs you hear today.
Also, I noticed that several people do not share their lyrics, but I am hoping that people will find the quality of my lyrics to help encourage them to give this site a serious listen too... Don't be afraid to hit "play all" on the music selection list!
Enjoy the music, and above all else; THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!

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Woo Hoo!1 A HUGE thank you to my anonymous first buyer! Thank you for purchasing my music. That was a great way to start the week!

PS - Thanks for stopping in and giving me a listen-to... I don't want to apologize for what I have and what I am, but you will be listening mostly to "Live" songs that I have re-edited for show. More to come over the next few months! (Studio)

Preston - Daggers amid Smiles

"The soundtrack of being human."

Years of drowning in the overstuffed shadows of ego-laden guitarists transformed bassist, Preston Inglee into the multi-instrumentalist that he is today. Never once did he believe that his song writing skills would force him to fill the roll as guitarist, keyboardist, percussionist, drummer, singer and/or bassist. But it was the simple brush-off that one of his band mates gave him that broke the gates and flooded Preston with the drive and motivation to fulfill the rest of his song writing dreams.

Yes, it was the obstacles of the past that helped forge the works you will find on this site. However, as with anything worthwhile the constant beatings and set backs only tempered his resolve; creating a recognizable new sound in an industry of standards.

A musician with school training, college music scholarships, professional studio work, and the street cred of playing in several well known local bands throughout the East Coast; Preston finds time between family life and his real job to relentlessly pursue his passion of creating music.

Still undiscovered but looking for your help and support to let people hear his story and spread the music.

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