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Born in Jambi, Indonesia. Ponch started playing guitar autodidactic when he was 9 years old. He always took the opportunity to play his brother's guitar in that time. He had an impressive experience at his 5. He saw his father played drums in a Beatles cover band called Sand Stone while eating chocolate and waiting for his father rehearsal. Later, he listened to Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin on his father's tape player. After his freaky brother Yoyok turned the music out loud by Judas Priest, on this very time he realized the essence of heavenly metal songs.. hmm yeah! and not to forget a band called Rush that fill up your imagination with their superb intellectual music has ever written.

However, the most important thing that makes him play guitar is because of a movie, entitled "Back to the Future", starring Michael J. Fox. The coolest stunt from the scene is when this young Marty McFly puts on his guitar and starts to rumble the speaker. BANG! that giant amplifier was overloaded and blew up by such an awesome power of rock n roll super distortion, yep that's real rockin' attitude pal. After that Ponch went home by his strange bike and start looking for his brother acoustic guitar, which painted sort of Van Halen. Since that day until now, he keeps playing his guitar anytime and anywhere.

Ponch is an experienced guitarist such as a studio session player,an active guitar clinician, a guitar teacher (Jakarta Institute of Arts/IKJ), Radio, TV and Products Jingle Advertising (for U.S and Indonesia company products), TV Show Live Performance, Hollywood Movie Soundtrack, Sony BMG Indonesia Recording Artist & Solo Artist.


2003 - Jakarta Institute of Arts (IKJ) Bachelor Degree (S.Sn), Faculty of Arts Performance, Majoring Classical Guitar.

2007 - University of Central Oklahoma, School of Music, Master Degree (Master of Music), Majoring Music of Performance.

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