I am a Scottish based music entrepreneur working in pop, rock, indie, folk and country rock genres. With 15 years experience in "the business", I have performed various roles including "record company owner", "publisher", "booking agent", "manager", "tour manager" and so on. I have also produced music videos along with the relevant marketing campaigns and so on and would regard myself as having a very wide range of skills relating to the music industry.

As well as creating and representing UK tribute act THE COMPLETE STONE ROSES (not your "average" tribute band by a long shot) I am also managing a Scottish acoustic-country rock band called COUSTI who are currently unsigned and looking for opportunities, I also represent singer-songwriter PETE MACLEOD who is based in LA, although originally from here in Scotland. Pete, who has a wide collection of indie rock songs, is also looking for opportunities to further his career in songwriting.
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