A collision of real life experiences and God finally found its sound. The sound of life, joy, passion, anger, peace, compassion, frustration, worship, identity, and wholeness. What started out to be a group of people, each doing their own thing, in their own place, at their own time slowly began intersecting each others lives. That intersect is what we call Play Chase Music. Call it a compassion based independant record label.....uh...sure....we are that if you are looking for a title but really, we are a group of real people that desire and fight to write great songs to communicate everything about the human experience. Life, love, hurts, God, tears, laughter.....everything in the journey. So....turn the knob to the right.....lean forward.....and listen.

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Visit our temporary website at www.playchasemusic.com. New site will be up at the end of October.

New compilaiton album out in December! Be on the lookout!


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Clean Clean

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