Bio Part1

A bio on Orbit Orange....

as told by Jeff Stahl

Here goes nothing.

It all started a long time ago in my garage.
(where most of these things start).

I was given a drum set by my older brother and was doing my best to beat the crap out of those things with some sense of rhythm.
After a few years of playing I thought it was time to meet some other people that liked loud music as much as I did....

Enter Dan Whitman on the bass guitar, he was introduced to me by a mutual friend.
Dan and I immediately hit it off and began working on the foundation of any great band,
"bass and drums" "flams and funk slapping" you name it, we copied it and made a sound of our own. However we still needed the right guitar player.
Dan and I played around with a handful of guitar players, doing the cover song thing and dreaming of
success and Girls. Nothing went very far until we hooked up with Dave Dennis, a guitar player with a ton of songs both cover and original, and an awesome Guitar sound.
-We were ready to Rock!

The first band was called "Instinct" and we played all the stuff popular at the time: ZZ top, Pat Travers, Van Halen, Judist Priest, Pink Floyd (how diverse we where).....
Anyway Instinct played around the Tampa / Pinellas area of Florida for a couple of years and as things happen, as sad as it is, Instinct disbanded and was no longer.

Now, Dave and Dan where committed to keep on rockin, where as I was a bit disillusioned.
I packed up my drums, got a regular job and just "paid my bills" even though I still desired to be playing, I just wasn?t inspired enough to start a new band or join an already established one.

Dan and Dave however answered an ad requesting a bass and a guitar player to complete a rhythm section for a band "currently in the studio". As expected, they walked in and "Nailed It"
BAAM! like that, they were part of an up and coming band called "UNCLE SALLY".
Uncle Sally's debut album came out and it was met with great fanfare. Uncle Sally played
a handful of outdoor events and made their way around the local music scene with much success.

Uncle Sally was indeed a hot commodity throughout Florida but still wasn't as complete as founding
member Jeff Dyer (guitar and vocals) wished for them to be.

Dave and Dan kept in contact for the period of time that Uncle Sally played around FL. and always
kept me in the loop, I listened to demo tapes and always thought If I get back into a band it would be with Uncle Sally. As things happen again, Uncle Sally went through another transition.
Their drummer Marty (a friend of mine and a kick ass drummer) was out and I was in. This enabled
Marty to go on and become a front man in his own band, and went on to pursue his new destiny.

Jeff Dyer, Dan Whitman, Dave Dennis and Jeff Stahl Became Uncle Sally.
Uncle Sally went on to record a handful of albums and play shows all over Florida for around six fun filled years receiving an unprecedented amount of radio airplay, label interest and one piece of crap indie record deal.

As we all know, the only thing in life that is constant is "change".

The founding member of Uncle Sally was no longer having fun so Uncle Sally was no more.

As I see it, it was written in the stars, that Dave, Dan and I would be back together as we once started.
A three piece band, no attitudes, no #%ing around, just making music the way GOD himself coded into our DNA.

Orbit Orange is born!

Bio Part 2

So here we are at the real meat and potatoes of this bio, Dave, Dan and I locked in a five car garage Writing new material and auditioning singers.
Fast forward eight months, nothing, not one damn singer could walk in and get what we had in our heads out!
Step up to the plate Dave and Dan.
They got down to business and made it happen just the two of them singing their ass's off.
As I said before just the three of us!
We practiced, practiced, practiced, played some shows, got some momentum going, called Tom Morris @ Morrisound Studios, booked some studio time and laid down all that is before you now.
Loud and Proud! No posing, No egos,
No pretentious "what do you think so and so thinks!" just us, a few beers and a clean conscious, that we did what is in our hearts.

I'm not the greatest writer (as you can ascertain from this bio) but I?ll not lie to you or sugar coat anything,
Life is too short for that sort of thing. I say play from your heart, do what's right for the song, and be the best you can be to the ones you love.

So until volume 2. Kiss your kids and spank your wife!

Jeffro Stahl


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