this is dance music with futuristc prog rock tendancies . unique vocals.

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full length long overdue album will be done soon. here are some rough cuts.


octaveleven is my solo works. I have played in many musical acts over the years but none have seemed to represent me correctly. so onward for this kid. my album is called overtones&undercurrants. it should be released in august. PHILIP MADDUX born 10 -02 -72 in hood river oregon. I started playing music 15 years ago. DRUMKIT. guitar/bass/vocals/keyboards. Ive played set drums for the musical acts;twistavision,masked marawders.Hookah stew,flying colors.the grand simple. all of these projects were in the northwest. portland ,eugene, seattle.hood river.The last project was acuostic world act called String helix which aired on opb artbeat somtime in 2002. since then I decided to go solo and now find myself writing and hearing the music ive allways wanted.

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