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Sparkling pop songs, haunting country ballads, and ecstatic dance floor anthems: songwriter Nitanee Paris envisions songs that reach across a wide swath of American musical forms. She was awarded a The Hal Gaba scholarship for Excellence in Songwriting from UCLA Extension and was honored to study with hit songwriter Marty Panzer (Barry Manilow, Disney, Kenny Rogers). She also studied with show creator and gifted songwriter Phil Swann.

In just over a year, Nitanee has received over sixty awards for songwriting. She is continually growing and developing her craft and has forged partnerships with several talented artists, composers and producers. Her music is performed live at venues in Los Angeles.

Seven of Nitanee's songs made Women of Substance Radio's 2013 TOP INDIE COUNTDOWN, featuring Indie hits with potential to become mainstream hits. Her songs are featured in the stations regular rotation.

Currently working with a host of collaborators in a vast diversity of styles, Nitanee is aware of the needs of the marketplace. She hosts singer-songwriter events, and is a supportive and pro-active member of the songwriting community.

Passion, sincerity and spirit- Nitanee Paris reaches deep to pen lyrics and songs of the soul.

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