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Genre - Progressive Retro
What - Indie Music Project
Who - cragermac: guitar and vocals
James Balin - bass guitar
Ernie Mose - drums

update - 07-03-2010 - No more eJay. result was 7 songs, enjoyable from a listening standpoint but too unoriginal due to structure of the software. However, one or two songs in particular may end up being shared if I can ever find the time to edit them from current average 20 minute length. Am currently producing/outputting about 3 songs (all instrumental) a year using LMMS Music Production Suite and Hydrogen Drum Machine as I no longer use any Windows platforms and have converted over to a complete Linux environment. For now all songs are a combination of some pre-recorded loops and some original loops. The goal is to eventually output completely original works.

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I think I need to find an effective means of distinguishing between the songs written and recorded as Nativeson and the songs I've pieced together using miscellaneous loops, which I feel I have not written but rather produced or engineered.

Nativeson - Stones In The Pathwa

Nativeson is an ongoing and evolving Northern Colorado indie music project started in the summer of 2003 by three working musicians with day jobs and bands of their own, who decided to find the time to record a locally based original acoustic/rock music cd for the purpose of learning to use their newly acquired music recording software.

Nativeson is:
- Ernie Mose on drums,
- James Ballen on bass guitar and
- Craig MacLeod aka cragermac on vocals and acoustic guitar.

The debut cd "Stones In The Pathway" contains ten songs written by cragermac in his self proclaimed "Progressive Retro" genre. The cd also features:

- Dave Hidalgo of long standing Denver, CO favorite "Rasputin" on several tracks on keyboards.
- Alex Otero of Greeley, CO based "FoneeBelowKnee" on lead guitar on two tracks.
- Jym Britton on lead vocal &
- Jimmi DuPree on lead guitar, both of recently re-formed local success "The Termites" (James Ballen's band) on one track each.
- Dave McKenzie, co-founding and former member of "True North" and newest addition to popular hot local act "Left of Center" on lead guitar on one track. And the lovely and ever congenial
- Amy Dyer, outdoor aficionado and popular animal-rights personality, on backing vocals.

A second cd is also planned that will feature more of cragermac's more recent original songs, collective efforts from the Native Son core three and one track from FoneeBelowKnee (Alex, Ernie and cragermac).


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David James
over 30 days ago to Nativeson

Thanks once again for your kind words. It really is appreciated.

David James
over 30 days ago to Nativeson

Thank you for the comprehensive a supportive review you gave to my song 'Out on the Road' It's nice to know I'm driving in the right direction.

Robert Wuagneux
over 30 days ago to Nativeson

Thank you !!!!
I am having so much fun and spreading joy!!!

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