"What kind of music do you write?"
"That's a loaded question", I reply. " I write whatever comes out." Which means that you'll hear a variety of styles in different genres. Hey, can't stop creativity.

I hear words and melodies in my head all day long. (Does that mean I may be crazy? LOL) Anything can inspire a new song.

Just so you know, a lot of the songs I have listed here were created and to CD, sometimes in just a few hours. Others listed took longer.

For example, "Join The Day" and "Don't Think" were stream of consciousness songs. Both were created and on CD in about 5 hours.

On the flip side, "Talk To Me" was created in Colorado, and finished in NY. Lots of time and miles between the start and finish of that one.

On top of that, some were written quite some time ago... maybe even as long as a decade! (or maybe longer). And some, are forever just an idea.

All in all, my goal is FOR SALE, BY OWNER, anything beyond that is just gravy.

Latest News

I'd like to thank everyone for getting my song, "My Dog's Wearing My Shades (In Heaven) to Broadjam's Folk Rock Top 10! You guys are so awesome!


Natalie Hagan

Chicago native Natalie Hagan was born to perform. Early in life she discovered her gift for singing. It wasn't long before it became a gift for music when she began piano, where she was classically trained. While Natalie started performing professionally at the age of sixteen, by that time she had already won numerous awards for both her distinctive voice as well her skills at the piano. Before the age of 20 she would go on to do background vocals for many local Chicago artists, as well work in national radio promotions.

By the 90's Natalie's life revolved around music. In 1991 she joined the band Rock Candy as lead vocalist and they performed in clubs and festivals all around the Chicago land area. In 1995, her original songs, Time Is Watching Me and Calliope make Mike Kovalsky's VNR Recordings CD entitled, Music For The Emotions. Shortly thereafter, Natalie signed to Escape Records, for single Found Love written by John Soroka of the band Ministry. In October of 1997, Found Love charts in Billboard on Up and Coming chart beating out Janet Jackson's new single at the time as well as charting in The Gavin Report.

In addition to performing and writing music, Natalie was also responsible for founding a Chicago music publication, The Local Buzz, as well as Sugar Buzz Records. In her positions as Editor and Publisher she took the paper's circulation to 30,000 in 2 years. This also provided local bands an opportunity to advertise, increase mailing lists and showcase their music at Local Buzz Nites. Local Buzz Nites were also aired on a Chicago local cable show called, The Muzik Gets Me High. Some of the major label artists Natalie interviewed include Dave Matthews, The Verve Pipe, and more.

Natalie currently resides in Florida though she still frequents Chicago to record with her old band Rock Candy, as well as work on her solo recordings. You can check out Natalie's most recent work on BroadJam www.broadjam.com/nataliehagan where 3 of her songs, No Fear, Take Me Away, and My Dog's Wearin' My Shades In Heaven have all charted on their Easy Listening and Folk Rock top 10 lists.

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