Nancy Seymour is singer/songwriter of Adult Contemporary/Country music. Her deeply spiritual background keeps her music focus close to that which insipring, motivational and uplifting. She has a unique sound for a woman of color, and her sounds are often described as pure, sweet and totally unexpected!

Nancy Seymour--Pure, Sweet, Unex

Nancy does not remember a single time in her life when she wasn't involved in some area of music. She remembers singing on stage at the tender age of four and has been doing so eversince. She picked up playing the keyboard much later on in life, and is often amazed at how people respond to her singing and songwriting. Nancy has a sound that is often described as pure, sweet, and totally unexpected. When asked about her music style, she answers, "I know that my style and sound are very different from what is expected from a woman of color, but I have learned to use that as an advantage in reaching people. People are interested in hearing me because I am different. I sit down to write songs, and my style comes out. I open my mouth to sing, and my sound is simple and pure. It's how I'm wired, it's who I am, and I love it and will use it for all that is good!"

With a strong spiritual upbringing, Nancy finds that her music always leans toward that which is positive. Whether she writes about social issues, family, love, politics, life in general, or her faith, it all falls into a category that is inspirational. She says, "I love to encourage people through my music. I believe that music has great power, and if I could channel just a bit of my own to motivate people to do, to say, to live right, then my own life has so much more meaning."

Although her song style may not reflect it, her influences come from a wide range of excellent artists like Stephen Curtis Chapman, Barbara Striesand, Shirley Cesar, Michael W. Smith, Ray Charles, Sandi Patty, Aretha Franklin, Kenny Rogers, and Twila Paris.

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